For many brands, increasing brand awareness seems to become a forever
business goal to achieve. Developing continual brand awareness may be
not company’s primary goal (of course, it depends on business stage),
but it must keep in every top manager’s mind. Especially for global
brands, they desire to reach more and more potential customers to expand
its market share.

The ascent of Donald Trump has proved Neil Postman’s argument in Amusing
Ourselves to Death was right. Here’s what we can do about it



Well, brands have their own budgets to do marketing. They need to choose
the most effective media to reach the right customers at the right
time.Which way is the best way to refresh new stories and get close in
touch with people day by day? Social media!

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A supermarket in Kuwait has been shut
down after its owners were caught sticking googly eyes on their fish to
make them look fresher to customers.

No matter you are selling products or providing services, social media
definitely build a two-way communication bridge between customers and a
brand. You can create interesting and valuable posts to show your brand
personality. When people love your brand story, they can’t wait to share
your brand with their friends.I believe everyone is a social media

Andrew Postman, author of more than a dozen books, wrote the
introduction to Amusing Ourselves to Death (2005 edition).

IN scorching summer, with Cicadas Singing .I think of the sea names the
East Dai He .it is the last


Chobani Social Media Promotion Study

Chobani is absolutely a Winner on social media marketing.In my last
post six amazing things about
I mentioned that I love Chobani because of its creative product
promotion features and its brand goodness.This time, I would like to
share my insight on how Chobani integrates different social media
platforms to promote brand and win people’s hearts.

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development of the Original ecology

Kuwaiti police shut down the fish store
on Saturday, the Al Bayan newspaper reported, after images of the “fresh
fish” circulated online.


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1. Truly understand customer normal behavior & Send the right reminder
at the right time

On theFacebook
Chobani posts many new product and seasonal flavor promotions every day.
When I go through all the recent posts, I find that Chobani had promoted
seasonal pumpkin flavor yogurt since the past three Saturdays. The
pumpkin posts had received the highest engagement. Saturday is the most
common day to buy grocery. It is a really good idea to send people a
simple reminder at the weekend.

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2. Create short video to promote new adding & Encourage people to eat

Chobani creates a short video which shows us under the same calories, we
can either to choose enjoy a big size creamy yogurt or a small piece of
chips. Of course, yogurt is a healthier choice than chips. This video
primary promotes Chobani is adding oatmeal cookies in the yogurt, so it
delivers a better nutrition and taste experience to customers.

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售卖伪劣产品鲜鱼,九大镜头。Nowadays, more and more people tend to pursue a healthy lifestyle. We
love snacks, but we want a healthy one. Chobani shows us yogurt can be a
good substitute for chips. When people see this video, they are more
likely to consider to try this new snack.

3. Share brand believes in the comment & Help people to learn brand

A good product can offer us a great experience, but what will make us
truly love a brand?When we believe what they believe.

When new customers ask questions in the comments, Chobani not only
answers questions nicely but also sends Chobani Believes link to help
customers learn its brand story and culture.Sharing beliefs can
encourage customers to learn the unique brand value and make them
believe the brand .

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4. Leverage influencer’s power to reach potential customers and fans

Many brands realize that leverage big social media influencer’s power
can reach more potential customers effectively.
Top influencers have
millions of fans, so when they share their favorite brands, many of
their fans are more likely to follow these brands.

During the Olympic Game time, Chobani is a good U.S.team sponsor and
provides high nutrition yogurt to athletes. Allyson Felix, who is the
most famous U.S. athlete, has over 470,000 fans on her Facebook page.
When Chobani mentioned Allyson on the post, it automatically attracted
her fans’ attention. Therefore, their fans would like to view the post
and take action on it. I think because Allyson had pineapple yogurt that
time, many of her fans were eager to try this flavor.

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5. Enable customer to search new product location

Chobani smoothies get more and more popular right now. For a brand new
product, if we don’t know where we can get it, we may feel disappointed.
Chobani wants people feel happy, so it inserts a geographic location
link to tell people where they can get smoothies. It is very
convenience for people to search the store directly on the smartphone or

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6. Introduce new recipe &Win-win promotion with Target

Chobani shares their own recipes on the Facebook to attract food lovers’
attention. For example, it created an interactive video to show how to
mix all the fresh ingredients with Chobani yogurt.

Besides sharing its own recipes, Chobani also shared Target recipes
and attached Target recipe
purpose is to tell people that Chobani is available at Target.

It is definitely “lead” customers to visit Target page and read the
recipe. Then, people who want to try this recipe will visit Target store
to grab all the necessary ingredients including Chobani yogurt.Thus,
it is a Win-Win promotion idea to drive sales for both brands.

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Over the last year, as the presidential campaign grew increasingly
bizarre and Donald Trump took us places we had never been before, I saw
a spike in media references toAmusing Ourselves to
a book written by my late father, Neil Postman, which anticipated back
in 1985 so much about what has become of our current public discourse.

sea of Bo-Hai Bay . Under the blue sky,



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On Twitter,
Chobani applies some similar promotion strategies such as new product,
new recipes, healthy lifestyle, influence power, brand culture. However,
Chobani approaches differently on Twitter.

1. Focus on key audience group & Make them feel special

September is back-to-school time! What makes parents a headache?
Preparing lunch box every day probably drives moms crazy. At this time,
Chobani highly focuses on mom group. Thus, they tweet many great lunch
tips and recommend new kid yogurts to solve moms pain point.

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Promoting certain products to related groups can reach target audience
effectively and receive large attention in short time.This approach
makes target audience feel important and special. Therefore, it is a
great way to have the emotional connection with the audience.

2. Use short content with simple hashtags

Twitter limits tweet length, so we need to keep our content short and
easy to get the key points.Chobani uses short words and related
picture to describe product key features.
A good image can easily grab
people attention and make them want to read.

Chobani also creates simple hashtags to organize same or related topic
When people search certain topic, the related topic group
will show up. We can catch all the related information immediately, and
it definitely saves our time. Using hashtags can also improve SEO

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3. Ask fun questions & Mention winners to interact with fans

Chobani asks fun and short questions to interact with followers. I think
to get answers is not the main purpose of this kind tweet.The main
purpose is to keep tweet interesting and fun. They hope their followers
to see something different.

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Chobani also mentioned VIP package winners on the tweet to make winners
feel excited and proud. It also let other followers feel curious about
this contest especially when they see the gift.Therefore, it
encourages more people follow Chobani’s tweets and participate in the
future event or contest.

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4. Show real people and real events

Chobani updated the real event and people on time to show brand
campaign. It makes us feel Chobani stay close with our life.It is not
only a simple yogurt on the shelve, but also has its own spirit to
motivate people to live better. When people see Chobani logo and poster
at the event, they feel being supported.

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At Forbes, one contributor wrote that the book “may help explain the
otherwise inexplicable”. CNN noted that Trump’s allegedly shocking
“ascent would not have surprised Postman”.
Richard D Land reflected on reading the book three decades ago and
feeling “dumbfounded … by Postman’s prophetic insights into what was
then America’s future and is now too often a painful description of
America’s present”. Last month, a headline at Paste Magazine asked:
“Did Neil Postman Predict the Rise of Trump and Fake

surrounded by sea- gull, I count the waves, pick up the old Memories,
give the reins to my thoughts of the footprints on the beach . In
August, leave the noisy and reinforced concrete forest city, before I
leave , my mind already has disturbed far the sea

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Google+ gets very popular for business to share brand news and promote
products. I feel surprised that Chobani doesn’t post as much as it does
on Facebook and Twitter.Chobani primary shares new products and some
related brand articles or blogs.

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Probably Google+ is not the primary channel for Chobani to promote
brands.It makes sense. Brands should select the most effective
channels to reach customers. If brands want to reach more customers, it
is better for them to jump to a larger customer-size pool.

According to online research, there are about 300 million monthly active
users on Google+, and the average monthly time spent on Google+ is about
7 minutes. (50+ Amazing Google Plus
Comparing it withthe Facebook
there are 1.17 billion monthly active users use Facebook, and the
average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes.

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I feel special
Chobani’s interests on the front page. I can learn that Chobani primary
targets on Moms. I think it is a simple way to connect with the key
target audience.Showing brand interests can also refer people who have
same interests to make the connection with related groups.

Colleagues and former students of my father, who taught at New York
University for more than 40 years and who died in 2003, would now and
then email or Facebook message me, after the latest Trumpian theatrics,
wondering, “What would Neil think?” or noting glumly, “Your dad nailed

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One of the pictures showed the fake eye
slipping off the fish’s face, clearly revealing a much more yellow eye


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Chobani displays different pinboards that collect shining and attractive
images. Each pinboard tells a unique story to audiences.The most
impressive thing is that Chobani covers a variety of hot topics which
highly relate to our daily life.This way can widely match different
target audience’s interests.

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One of Chobani collections is “Fit With It”. It collects many
infographic designs which tell fitness fans how Chobani benefits their

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“Holiday Treats” collections share many special ideas for holidays.

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In the “Love This Life” pin board, Chobani collects many inspired
picture quotes to encourage people to love and enjoy our life.

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“Baked with Chobani” displays many great baking recipes to show the
audience how to use Chobani yogurt to create a delicious cake.

The central argument of Amusing Ourselves is simple: there were two
landmark dystopian novels written by brilliant British cultural critics
–Brave New World by Aldous
Eighty-Four by George
and we Americans had mistakenly feared and obsessed over the vision
portrayed in the latter book (an information-censoring,
movement-restricting, individuality-emaciating state) rather than the
former (a technology-sedating, consumption-engorging, instant-gratifying

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Chobani shows pretty yogurt, smoothies and recipes pictures to promote
their new products and flavors.

1. One promotion approach is making everything live.

For example, they send a Boomerang video to show how to create a yogurt
cereal bowl. The “#chobanisoho” simply tells people where they can get
this experience. It will make audiences want to visit Soho store to try
it.It is also a great way to promote Chobani local store.

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2. Another approach is using “take action hashtag”.

It uses action verbs to encourage the audience to take actions. Don’t
just look at the image, go to try it!

For example, they use “#DrinkChobani” to show the audience their new
smoothies and ask them to try it. One fan commented that she didn’t even
know it existed.Using action words are more powerful to stimulate our
desires and motivate us to take action.

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The misplaced focus on Orwell was understandable: after all, for decades
the cold war had made communism – as embodied by Nineteen Eighty-Four’s
Big Brother – the prime existential threat to America and to the
greatest of American virtues, freedom. And, to put a bow on it, the
actual year, 1984, was fast approaching when my father was writing his
book, so we had Orwell’s powerful vision on the brain.


As a joke, a fish company in Kuwait
announced it was selling “fish without cosmetics,” alongside a picture
of a fish and a selection of different colored contact lenses.


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only focuses on creative recipes.
It is a great place to attract food
lovers to visit to learn how to use Chobani as a fresh ingredient to
create magic and delicious food. We can read detail recipes to prepare
all the ingredients and follow their steps to cook.

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At The End:

After I analyze each social media platforms, I believe that Chobani
fully understands how to use each platform to promote brand effectively.
 It implements clear and focused approach(es) on each channel to send
the right message to the right people. All of messages reflect their
unique brand personalities: positive, healthy, creative, and fun.
Chobani makes us believe that its yogurt power can make us live better.


Whoops. Within a half-decade, the Berlin Wall came down. Two years
later, the Soviet Union collapsed.



“We were keeping our eye on 1984,” my father wrote. “When the year came
and the prophecy didn’t, thoughtful Americans sang softly in praise of
themselves. The roots of liberal democracy had held. Wherever else the
terror had happened, we, at least, had not been visited


Social media users quickly mocked the
shop owner’s attempt to get away with selling old fish with a series of
hilarious memes that went viral.

Unfortunately, there remained a vision we Americans did need to guard
against, one that was percolating right then, in the 1980s. The
president was a former actor and polished communicator. Our political
discourse (if you could call it that) was day by day diminished to
soundbites (“Where’s the beef?” and “I’m paying for this microphone”
became two “gotcha” moments, apparently testifying to the speaker’s
political formidableness).

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The nation increasingly got its “serious” information not from
newspapers, which demand a level of deliberation and active engagement,
but from television: Americans watched an average of 20 hours of TV a
week. (My father noted that USA Today, which launched in 1982 and
featured colorized images, quick-glance lists and charts, and much
shorter stories, was really a newspaper mimicking the look and feel of
TV news.)


Mohamed El Dahshan tweeted: “Kuwaiti
police has shut down a fish store that was sticking googly eyes on fish
to make them appear more fresh than they are. 🙂 via Al Bayan
newspaper” which got over 117k likes and over 62.5k retweets.

But it wasn’t simply the magnitude of TV exposure that was troubling. It
was that the audience was being conditioned to get its information
faster, in a way that was less nuanced and, of course, image-based. As
my father pointed out, a written sentence has a level of verifiability
to it: it is true or not true – or, at the very least, we can have a
meaningful discussion over its truth. (This was pre-truthiness,



But an image? One never says a picture is true or false. It either
captures your attention or it doesn’t. The more TV we watched, the more
we expected – and with our finger on the remote, the more we demanded –
that not just our sitcoms and cop procedurals and other “junk TV” be
entertaining but also our news and other issues of import. Digestible.
Visually engaging. Provocative. In short, amusing. All the time. Sorry,

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Ashley Feinberg, another verified user,
quoted the above tweet saying “my strongest-held belief is that
extremely creative crimes that don’t involve maiming another person
should be allowed.”

This was, in spirit, the vision that Huxley predicted way back in 1931,
the dystopia my father believed we should have been watching out for. He

Lens one: arrived in


were those who would ban books.
was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no
one who wanted to read
those who would deprive us of
those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity
that the truth would be concealed from
the truth would be drowned in a sea of
we would become a captive
we would become a trivial culture.

I arrive at ShanHaiguan railway station with the crowded, like the rush
of Beijing. the nine out of ten

Some Twitter users took advantage of the
situation to be punny.

1984 – the year, not the novel – looks positively quaint now. One-third
of a century later, we all carry our own personalized screens on us, at
all times, and rather than seven broadcast channels plus a smattering of
cable, we have a virtual infinity of options.

persons travel to east Dai He. Why? Don’t understand!


Today, the average weekly screen time for an American adult – brace
yourself; this is not a typo – is 74 hours (and still going up). We
watch when we want, not when anyone tells us, and usually alone, and
often while doing several other things. The soundbite has been replaced
by virality, meme, hot take, tweet. Can serious national issues really
be explored in any coherent, meaningful way in such a fragmented,
attention-challenged environment?

Presumably the East Dai He development zone shows enough advertising all
over the country. Out of the station, there are a lot of taxi waiting,
the visitors to the east Dai He are more in this season, it is easy to
find a carpool, the taxi run in the spacious road, soon I get to my

M’BlockU, a verified user, quoted at El
Dahshan’s tweet: “Well this certainly looks fishy. I hope they go to
court and are found gill-ty.”

Sure, times change. Technology and innovation wait for no man. Get with
the program. But how engaged can any populace be when the most we’re
asked to do is to like or not like a particular post, or “sign” an
online petition? How seriously should anyone take us, or should we take
ourselves, when the “optics” of an address or campaign speech –
raucousness, maybe actual violence, childishly attention-craving
gestures or facial expressions – rather than the content of the speech
determines how much “airtime” it gets, and how often people watch, share
and favorite it?

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My father’s book warned of what was coming, but others have seen and
feared aspects of it, too (Norbert Wiener, Sinclair Lewis, Marshall
McLuhan, Jacques Ellul, David Foster Wallace, Sherry Turkle, Douglas
Rushkoff, Naomi Klein, Edward Snowden, to name a few).

镜头二 :入住





style=”font-size: 16px;”>版权归原文者全部,如需删除,请联系后台;如需转发请标明出处

Our public discourse has become so trivialized, it’s astounding that we
still cling to the word “debates” for what our presidential candidates
do onstage when facing each other. Really? Who can be shocked by the
rise of a reality TV star, a man given to loud, inflammatory statements,
many of which are spectacularly untrue but virtually all of which make
for what used to be called “good television”?



Who can be appalled when the coin of the realm in public discourse is
not experience, thoughtfulness or diplomacy but the ability to amuse –
no matter how maddening or revolting the amusement?

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So, yes, my dad nailed it. Did he also predict that the leader we would
pick for such an age, when we had become perhaps terminally enamored of
our technologies and amusements, would almost certainly possess
fascistic tendencies? I believe he called this, too.


For all the ways one can define fascism (and there are many), one
essential trait is its allegiance to no idea of right but its own: it
is, in short, ideological narcissism. It creates a myth that is
irrefutable (much in the way that an image’s “truth” cannot be
disproved), in perpetuity, because of its authoritarian, unrestrained

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“Television is a speed-of-light medium, a present-centered medium,” my
father wrote. “Its grammar, so to say, permits no access to the past …
history can play no significant role in image politics. For history is
of value only to someone who takes seriously the notion that there are
patterns in the past which may provide the present with nourishing


Later in that passage, Czesław Miłosz, winner of the Nobel prize for
literature, is cited for remarking in his 1980 acceptance speech that
that era was notable for “a refusal to remember”; my father notes Miłosz
referencing “the shattering fact that there are now more than one
hundred books in print that deny that the Holocaust ever took place”.

365bet官网 36

Again: how quaint.


While fake news has been with us as long as there have been agendas, and
from both sides of the political aisle, we’re now witnessing – thanks to
Breitbart News, Infowars and perpetuation of myths like the one
questioning Barack Obama’s origins – a sort of distillation, a

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“An Orwellian world is much easier to recognize, and to oppose, than a
Huxleyan,” my father wrote. “Everything in our background has prepared
us to know and resist a prison when the gates begin to close around us …
[but] who is prepared to take arms against a sea of amusements?”

Lens two: check in

I wish I could tell you that, for all his prescience, my father also
supplied a solution. He did not. He saw his job as identifying a
serious, under-addressed problem, then asking a set of important
questions about the problem. He knew it would be hard to find an easy
answer to the damages wrought by “technopoly”. It was a systemic
problem, one baked as much into our individual psyches as into our

I live in the modern tower zone called beautiful sea view, with the full
of flowers and plants, all kinds of green trees, there is a fountain and
pond with the flexible brocade carp and goldfish in south gate, going
towards ,there is a beautiful sculpture fountains and the pool with
several clay pots flowing water, at the bottom of the pool is paving
with blue tiles, the water is cleaner ,the pool looks beautiful. In the
front of the cloisters of a European style is fitness plaza, and all
sorts of the flower bed, next to my house .

But we need more than just hope for a way out. We need a strategy, or at
least some tactics.

365bet官网 38

First: treat false allegations as an opportunity. Seek information as
close to the source as possible. The internet represents a great chance
for citizens to do their own hunting – there’s ample primary source
material, credible eyewitnesses, etc, out there – though it can also be
manipulated to obfuscate that. No one’s reality, least of all our
collective one, should be a grotesque game of telephone.

Into the ” sea-view room”, I can use these words to describe it” clean,
peace, scene, surprised! ” Open the door, a beautiful white –wooden
between hall ark is catching my eyes, the whole wooden furniture is
white, the wall is light yellow,

Second: don’t expect “the media” to do this job for you. Some of its
practitioners do, brilliantly and at times heroically. But most of the
media exists to sell you things. Its allegiance is to boosting
circulation, online traffic, ad revenue. Don’t begrudge it that. But
then don’t be suckered about the reasons why Story X got play and Story
Y did not.

with different green plants, the sliding doors are the frosted and
carved patterns ,let me fell spacious and comfortable, soft and clean.

Third: for journalists, Jay Rosen, a former student of my father’s and a
leading voice in the movement known as “public journalism”,
offersseveral useful, practical

To the south, in the living room ,bed room and dinning room, i can see
the sea, sometimes a ship is barreling down through, the seagulls is
flying over. To the north, I can see the distant mountains and the Great
Wall, when the sun goes down to the west , I can watch the sunset clouds
in the bedroom. In such an environment is very suitable for empty heart,
for washing awas the air immediately.

Finally, and most importantly, it should be the responsibility of
schools to make children aware of our information environments, which in
many instances have become our entertainment environments, but there is
little evidence that schools are equipped or care to do this. So someone
has to.

365bet官网 39

We must teach our children, from a very young age, to be skeptics, to
listen carefully, to assume everyone is lying about everything. (Well,
maybe noteveryone.) Check sources. Consider what wasn’t said. Ask
questions. Understand that every storyteller has a bias – and so does
every platform.

It is worth mentioning: indoor there is a galleries of pet-dolls and a
nice little cage with a screaming Guo guo , there is also a fish box
with a few fishes wandering, that brings out a more vivid and
interesting. In front of the sofa there is a big tea table, I can be
tasting a cup of tea as while as watching TV and chatting . I can also
do my best to play on the computer in the bedroom, absolutely nobody
tube you!

We all laughed – some of us, anyway – at Jon Stewart and Stephen
Colbert’s version of the news, to some extent because everything had
become a joke. If we wish not to be “soma”-tized (Huxley’s word) by
technology, to be something less than smiling idiots and complicit in
the junking of our own culture, then “what is required of us now is a
new era of responsibility … giving our all to a difficult task. This is
the price and the promise of citizenship.”

365bet官网 40

My father didn’t write those last words – our recently retired president
said them in his final inaugural address. He’s right. It will be
difficult. It’s not so amusing any more.

镜头三 :去看海


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365bet官网 42


365bet官网 43

lens three: go to see the sea

Itake 10 minutes to the seaside on foot, on my way to beach , I pass a
delicious foods street. there is a clock and a European cloisters with
“love” and “I do” grasses, and the Dutch windmills ,European-style
architecture, white sunbathing deck chair, strawberry beach hut, Yan-
fish swing and so on ,that constitutes the beautiful beach. The rusty
iron anchor and old canoe are staring or telling the remote memories
about waves? !

365bet官网 44

The passengers of bus only pay 3 RMB for the full journeys around beach
, it takes a few minutes to shallow sea. the sand here is very fine and
clean, the waves have sent up the sea urchin、seaweed、 kinds of shells
and conch. There is a sand sculpture community and green landscape, I
can catch fish, pick up shells, play all kinds of games on beach, I will
turn into a mermaid swimming between the clear sea and blue sky.

365bet官网 45

I can dig crabs, small crabs are relaxed out of the cave, they also play
on the beach. When i are catching them, they will quickly escape to the
cave and those who are caught will feign death, when I let them free ,
they quickly crawl and twist feet like a thanks to let go.

365bet官网 46

镜头四 : 看日出


365bet官网 47

Lens four: see the sunrise

To see beautiful sunrise needs a good chance, the sky has light and
faint cloud, that is just the right time .When the sun has just climbed
out of the horizon, the sun will not be blocked, and the change of the
light clouds are more beautiful than a big bare sun. For the first time
in the east Dai He ,I watch the sunrise at 5 o ‘clock in the morning,
when i open curtain, have looked at the sea and the beautiful clouds in
the sky. I know that this is a fine weather for photographing sunrise,
after quickly washing, I take the camera to the seaside, go all the way
to the east, while walking, I photograph a beautiful sceneries .

365bet官网 48

镜头五 : 晨跑


365bet官网 49

365bet官网 50

365bet官网 51

Lens five: running in the morning

This is a world that is surrounded by a “green”, such an environment and
so beautiful place are worth to get up early to go running here. I can
meet people of different ages on the running road of green shadow. In
such an environment, the running won’t feel tired, I take in pure and
fresh, high oxygen air. if reduce weight ,thin fast!

365bet官网 52

镜头六 : 美食


365bet官网 53

Lens six: delicious foods

Ittakes 2 minutes to delicious foods street with all kinds of foods on
foot. In the morning , the local farmers sell fresh vegetables and
fruits, forest products .If you want to cook by yourself , To the west
you can take 15 minutes to walk to Meng home market, you can buy stout
and delicious seafood and vegetables, daily necessities. If you like
barbecue, there is a lot of sites show your skills, just bring the
stoves or rent the stoves.

365bet官网 54

镜头七 : 出海打渔


365bet官网 55

Lens seven: net fishing on sea

If you don’t get seasick, you can company tan skin fishermen out to sea
fishing, listen the fishermen to tell simple local legend that you had
never heard of, experience the turbulence and the joy of the sea salvage
harvest, taste the delicious foods by your labor, that is another
experience and harvest!

365bet官网 56

画面 八 : 大秦花海


365bet官网 57

365bet官网 58

Lens eight: Great QIN Dynasty FLOWERS SEA

The next afternoon i went to the Great Qin Dynasty FLOWERS SEA,THE large
tracts of Cole flowers

are booming, the Cole flowers field with windmills, many tourists are
taking pictures here .the bees are gathering honey. the beauties set
various poses with long and white legs for photography , wonderful

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画面 九 : 当地景点




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Lens nine: local sceneries

1.reach the the great water wall named Nine Gates Pass for more than
twenty minutes by car.

an hour by driving .

3.MENG JIANG NV temple for ten minutes by car ,THE PARK OF JIE SHI
PALACE RUIN is on seaside.

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